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This device was brilliant!  It’s possibly the first bit of a Philips TV that got me hooked.  I first recall seeing push button ‘flap type’ tuner controls on a Philips mono set in 1971(ish) in my next door neighbours house.  I would spend ages pressing the buttons until I got hit. Robert

Earlier G8 Push Button Arrangement

The following note on Philips tuner controls is from Glyn (Welsh Anorak):

“To answer your question about the button units, I agree with the consensus that the early square buttons were the best – they had a six pre-set bank under a cover on the back panel – this was handy as it could be screwed shut to prevent tampering! As they wore they could become a bit slow to change channels (not too sure why) but mechanically were pretty robust as long as Dom and his sisters hadn’t been bashing them…

Then came the modern looking roof-tile flaps which hinged down to tune. Two problems. One was the phosphor-bronze ‘fingers’ lost their springiness. Two was the tuning pots were driven by a right-angled crown wheel which came adrift – nice to know Philips had the same problem in their turbo video decks some 20 years later! Care dismantling, re-tensioning the fingers, polishing the PCB and re-glueing or replacing the pots, then relocating the AFC switch cured the faults for a good while before replacement was needed. Sometimes I had to repair the plastic casing where the snap fasteners did just that!

Then came the much-loathed G9. This used a touch-tune version which was pretty reliable, and with a bit of ingenuity could be made to fit a G8 – and indeed was fitted in the final run of sets using the new-fangled ultrasonic remote control – CLONK! Batteries not required…

As the sets aged there was a replacement third-party button unit available with six sliding buttons in a horizontal line. I think I’ve got one somewhere – no idea who made it.

Hope that helps! Glyn”