Phase 1 Complete

I have got the main G6, G8 and G11 sections of the website up, the Model Directories, Companies and the Components sections started. I will now pause to reflect for a week or so… Please do contact me however with comments and any other data you may have.


Comments & Feedback

I feel it important to stress that I am by no means an expert on many of the aspects being detailed and discussed on this website.

I am a keen to create (re-create) a valuable historical technical resource that contains as much information possible concerning Early Philips Colour TV. To that end, if you see errors, or can offer additional or indeed better information on any particular matter being discussed, please dive in and put me straight.

I am only too happy to make corrects or additions for the benefit of this web resource so please feel free to contact me.

Live Development

I’ve decided to develop this website in a live production environment. This means you may well see changes literally as they happen rather than using a development site and then making formal software releases. This may be slightly unorthodox, but it will be fun as its my personal blog site. Things may break too!!!

So, having registered the rather cool domain name ( – I still can’t believe it was available!) and arranged top quality hosting, the next step in to look at layouts. I’m erring on the conventional look and feel rather than overly flash for now. Tell me what you think below in comments chaps…

Hold on to your hats chaps!!!

So Lets Begin!

Welcome to the re-launch of my Early Philips Colour TV website and blog. The focus being on keeping the memories of these fine old engineering masterpieces alive and well and providing as much technical information as possible.

Those who can remember back a few years will recall my original website that grew over the years into a massive historical and technical resource. I built up a wealth of information that related to Philips TV’s that were produced in the 1967 to 1983 period, including UK, Continental and Australian models. The website featured considerable information from both TV service engineering experts and technology historians.

Following encouragement from the Philips TV fan-base I have decided to rebuild the website and make it better than ever! No mean feat!

So chaps, stay tuned and most of all, feel free to dive in and join me in this venture. This project won’t happen overnight, but it will indeed happen!

Please check back often and leave any comments below or contact me.

Best wishes,

Robert L. Grimley – G6GSG