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Combined Electronic Services or CES, 604 Purley Way (as it was know to many and now seems to be – at least in part – a Lexus site!) was synonymous with the Philips TV brand during the period under consideration by this website.

CES became well known for its Service Link bulletins which ran for many years.  I have managed to acquire a number of these polished paper publications and they cover a very wide range of interesting developments.  Over time I plan to feature some on this weblog.

CES History

Amalgamated Electric Services Ltd, Waddon Factory Estate, Croydon, Surrey (in 1964).  Created circa 1960, to handle the parts and service operations for Philips group brands: Philips, Stella, Cossor, Ada and Peto Scott.

AES became Combined Electronic Services Ltd, in 1968, after the Pye group was taken over by Philips and the Pye radio & TV service company (Radio & Television Services Ltd) was combined with AES Ltd. In 1976, CES Ltd became known as Philips Service.

In the early 1990s, the UK Philips spares warehouse at 604 Purley Way, Waddon, was closed.  All UK spares were then delivered from the central stores at Eindhoven, Holland.

During its many years of operation CES also had a field sales offices in Leeds and a short lived branch in Edinburgh in the late 70s. It was a proper shop and not just a trade counter. There were lots of general service items and tools etc on display.

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