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Maarten (our continental sets expert) has advised the following:

“The TX, T4 and T8 are definitely foreign.  I’m not sure about the 3×0 series, it might be that one of those is an E1 chassis in disguise (I’m not so knowledgeable about British chassis).

Also, chassis were developed alongside each other in several factories around the world and produced in still other factories, adding some complexity to the situation.

The F-chassis series was of Dutch design (produced also in several other countries), as probably were the A series and the L series. The D and E series were German, the E1 being the successor to the hybrid D6N (however the E1 chassis was also produced in several other countries), the TX was Dutch originally but adopted by Taiwan (Taiwan existed up to 2006 when it was taken over by TPV and made mostly portable sets and later mostly computer monitors). The T series were Dutch and Italian. A slight problem with those chassis series, is that up to the F6 hybrid chassis, the name of the chassis often wasn’t mentioned in the service manual. I will see if I can produce a limited model to chassis list anyway.

At the same time, recently acquired factories still produced their own chassis for some time. I’m thinking of FIMI/Phonola in Italy and Pye in the UK. Phonola produced some models while Philips Monza produced other models that were sold alongside each other, apparently.”


Maarten has started us off with the following data:

From one of the few pieces of documentation that mention chassis designations, a VCR-adapation bulletin for continental models (the numbers mentioned are partial, for example 680 applies to models such as X20T680).

430: T1? (19TX430AT the first transistor luggable).  Service Manual/Data available here (19TX430AT).
500-509: F2, F2A
510-519: P7
520: T2 (11LX520AT the first transistor portable)
522: B2 (11LX522A, a tube portable probably of German design, same chassis called S2-A in Sweden)
530-549: F2N
550-559: M2N
560-569: A9N
570-579: F2NN
600, 602-609: A10

601: Novak (X11T601 Belgian multi-standard transistor portable)
610-619: F4
631, 632, 634: F4B
640-649: F4N
650-652, 654-659: A11

653: Novak (X12T653 Belgian multi-standard transistor portable)
660, 661: F4NB
680-689: F6
690-699: A11
700: T3
703: D6N (X24T703)
710-719: F6B
720: A11
730-739: F6
740: T4
742: T5
750-759: F6N

A-chassis are probably all dual system 625/819
D-chassis were of German design and manufacture, only one model known for export but probably more existed.
F-chassis were the main series from the Netherlands, produced in Eindhoven and Brugge but elsewhere as well.
T-chassis are transistor portables, T3, T4 and T5 were designed and manufactured at Philips Monza.
The suffix B means Belgium (probably 625 lines only)
The suffix N indicates a newer version of the chassis. For example F6 has conventional tuning but F6N has varicap tuning.

This list covers chassis from around 1965 to around 1971. The E1 chassis was introduced around 1972. L-chassis probably were introduced around that time as well.

The A-chassis as well as the M2N chassis are multi-Belgium 625/819 lines.

Thanks to hans9001, the following information was found at:

The model numbers are in line with the continental numbering scheme.

From Maarten: “Models with letters TN or N..T in the model number were specified by the Norwegian sales organisation, so especially intended for the Norwegian market but they are most likely technically closely related to the corresponding TX models (same number having the same chassis). The model names are not so relevant in my opinion. They were different in every country and not all countries used them. I’ve seen model names in German and Italian models before, apparently they were also used in Norway.

Some Swedish models (TS or S..T) are also present in the list. They followed mostly the Swedish numbering scheme (which is different, just as it is different in colour TV) but chassis were generally based on the same design as other continental chassis.”

Philips s/hv-TV’er Philips apparatene ble montert hos A/S Radioindustri i Oslo.

NRHF doc.: P=produktark, S = skjema, M = manual (skjema, trimmeforskrift, komponentplassering e.t.c.)

ModelTypeChassisCRTYearNRHF doc
11 LX 522A/04Portarama Junior11LX522A/04A 28-13W11″1965/66P
11 TX 520ATPortarama Trans.11LX520ATA 28-14W11″1965/66
12 B 312TS7A 31-410W12″P
12 B 611T8A 31-410W12″P
12 TX 1501TX-1212VCUP412″P
12 TX 2501TX-212VCUP412″P
14 B 413TS-7340AB4A14″P
14 B 614T8-EA 34-500W14″P
14 B 814T8-EA 34-500W14″P
14 TX 1504TX-14A 34-111W14″P
14 TX 2504TX-2A 34-111W14″P
14 TX 3504TX-3A 34-111W14″P
17 B 521E1A 44-120W17″P
17 B 620E1A 44-520W17″P
17 TN 180U-3217TN180UA 43-80 (90)17″1957T+S
17 TN 210 A17TN210AA 43-80 (90)17″1959T+S
17 TN 250ARevy17TN250AAW 43-8817″1959T+S
17 TN 291ARevy 217TN291AAW 43-8817″1960T+S
19 TN 330AOptiramaP1AW 47-9119″1961/62P
19 TN 333AOptirama 2P1AW 47-9119″1962/63P
19 TN 340A/ 00MiniramaP419 CW P419″1963/64
19 TN 340A/ 01MiniramaP1A19 CW P419″1963/64P
19 TN 341AOptirama 3P1A19 CW P419″1963/64P
19 TN 380A/00Minirama 4F2S/BA 47-11W19″1966/67P
19 TN 380A/01Minirama 4F2S/DA 47-11W19″1966/67P
19 TN 441AMinirama 219TN441AA 47-11W19″1964/65P
19 TX 430ATPortaramaP1AA 47-11W19″1964/65
19 TX 430ATPortarama19TX430ATA 47-11W19″1964/65
19 TX 501A/10Minirama 319TX501A/10A 47-11W19″1965/66P
20 B 341E1A 50-120W20″P
21 CN 250AConsolette21TN250AAW 53-8821″1959/60P
21 CN 311AVideramaS8AW 53-8821″1961/62P
21 CX 252A-40Hollansk TV-consoll21CX252A21″1960T+S
21 RN 250ACombinado21TN250AAW 53-8821″1959/60P
21 TN 180U-3217TN180UAW 53-8021″1957P
21 TN 210A17TN210AAW 53-8021″1959P
21 TN 250APanorama21TN250AAW 53-8821″1959T+S
21 TN 290APanorama 221TN210AAW 53-8821″1960T+S
23 CN 311A/00/ 01VideramaS8AW 59-9023″1961/62P
23 CN 311A/02/ 03VideramaS7BAW 59-9023″1961/62P
23 CN 314A/00NovoramaS7BAW 59-9023″1961/62
23 CN 314A/01NovoramaS8AW 59-9023″1961/62P
23 CN 345ANovorama 2S8NA 59-11W23″1962/63P
23 CN 346AViderama sjalusiS8NA 59-11W23″1962/63P
23 CN 356AViderama 2 sjalusiS11NA 59-11W23″1963/64P
23 CN 366AViderama 3 sjalusiS11N/1A 59-11W23″1964/65P
23 CN 376AViderama 4 sjalusiS17SAA 59-11W23″1965/66P
23 CN 386AViderama 5 sjalusiF2S/DA 59-11W23″1966/67P
23 RN 311ACombinado 2 de LuxeS7 radio gram.AW 59-9023″1960/61P
23 RN 313ACombinado 3 de LuxeS8 radio gram.AW 59-9023″1961/62P
23 RN 342ACombinado 4 de LuxeS8N radio gram.A 59-11W23″1962/63P
23 RN 352ANovorama FMS11NA 59-11W23″1963/64P
23 RN 362 ACombinado FMS11N/1radiogram.A 59-11W23″1964/65P
23 RN 374AVistarama FMS17SBA 59-11W23″1965/66P
23 RN 382ACombinadoF2S/EA 59-11W23″1966/67P
23 RN 384A/00/01Vistarama FMF2S/EA 59-11W23″1966/67P
23 RN 385AViderama FMF2S/DA 59-11W23″1966/67P
23 TN 290APanorama 221TN210AAW 59-9023″1960T+S
23 TN 311APanorama 3S7BAW 59-9023″1961/62P
23 TN 311A/ 01Panorama 3S7NAW 59-9023″1961/62
23 TN 312AVistaramaS8AW 59-9023″1961/62P
23 TN 343APanorama 4S8NA 59-11W23″1962/63P
23 TN 344AVistarama 2S8NA 59-11W23″1962/63P
23 TN 353APanorama 5S11A 59-11W23″1963/64P
23 TN 354AVistarama3S11NA 59-11W23″1963/64P
23 TN 361APanorama 6AS11N/1A 59-11W23″1964/65P
23 TN 362ACombinado FMS11N/1A 59-11W23″1964/65
23 TN 363APanorama 6S16S el. S16SBA 59-11W23″1964/65P
23 TN 364AVistarama 4S11N/1A 59-11W23″1964/65P
23 TN 373APanorama 7S17SAA 59-11W23″1965/66P
23 TN 383APanorama 8F2S/DA 59-11W23″1966/67P
24 B 360E1A 61-120W24″P
24 B 562E1A 61-520W21″P
24 B 562E1A 61-520W21″P
24 B 650E1A 61-520W21″P
24 B 650E2A 61-520W21″P
24 B 850E2A 61-520W21″P
24 TL 7524L7A 61-520W21″P
25 CN 376AViderama 4S17SAA 65-11W25″1965/66P
25 RN 371ANovorama FMS17SBA 65-11W25″1965/66P
25 RN 372ACombinado FMS17SAA 65-11W25″1965/66
44 T 520E1A 44-520W17″P
61 T 361E1A 61-120W24″P
61 T 563E1A 61-520W21″P
9TC 2100TC 29VATP49″P
A17T750Portarama 17″F6NA 44-120W17″1972/73P
CS 2114 AE3AAW 53-8821″P
DX 51T103F620″P
N19T270Minirama 5F4S/BA 47-26W19″1967/68
N19T471Minirama de LuxeF4S/BA 47-26W19″1967/68
N23T273Panorama 9F4S/BA 59-23W23″1967/68
N23T283Panorama 10F4S/AA 59-23W23″1968/69P
N23T576Viderama 6F4S/DA 59-23W23″1967/68
N23T586Viderama 7F4S/AA 59-23W23″1967/68P
N23T674Vistarama FMF4S/AA 59-23W23″1967/68
N23T775Viderama FMF4S/AA 59-23W23″1967/68
N23T785Viderama FMF4S/AA 59-23W23″1968/69P
N23T879CombinadoF4S/DA 59-23W23″1967/68
N24T697Vistarama FMF6/ X17T680A 61-120W24″1969/70P
N24T798Viderama FMF6N/ X17T680A 61-120W24″1969/70P
S20T280Minirama 6F4S/BA 50-120W20″1968/69
S20T301MiniramaX17T680A 50-120W20″1970/71P
S20T310Minirama 8X17T680A 50-120W20″1971/72P
S20T310/56/57Minirama 8F6NA 51-120W20″1972/73
S20T481Minirama de LuxeF4S/AA 50-120W20″1968/69P
S23T487VistaramaF4S/AA 59-23W23″1968/69P
S23T687Vistarama FMF4S/AA 59-23W23″1968/69
S24T293Panorama 11F6/ X17T680A 61-120W24″1969/70
S24T304Panorama de LuxeF6/ X17T680A 61-120W24″1970/71P
S24T314Panorama 12F6/ X17T680A 61-120W24″1971/72P
S24T314/53/54/55Panorama 12F6NA 61-120W24″1972/73
S24T417VistaramaX17T680A 61-120W24″1971/72P
S24T417/53/55VistaramaF6NA 61-120W24″1972/73
S24T497VistaramaX17T680A 61-120W24″1969/70P
S24T596Viderama 8X17T680A 61-120W24″1969/70
TS 2330ATS2330AAW 59-9123″1962T+S
TX 1420TX1420MW 36-2414″1953/54
TX 1720TX1720MW 43-4317″1953/54
X09T741Portarama 9″X09T7419APG49″1972/73P
X12T700Portarama Trans.X12T700A 31-20W12″1969/70P
X12T740/17/19Portarama 12″T4A 31-120W12″1971/72P
X12T740/98/99Portarama 12″T4A 31-120W12″1971/72P
X17T680Portarama 17″F6/ X17T680A 44-120W17″1970/71P

Philips s/hv-chassis:

E 1-MMP 4MT 8M
E 2MS 7MT 8-EM
F 4S/ AMS 11MTX 2M
F 4S/ DMS 16SMTX 12M
L 7

Further data will be forthcoming in due course.