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Rich (Marconi_MPT4) has supplied some photos and a description of the G11 Remote Control:



The Philips G11 ultrasonic remote control transmitter utilises an SAA1124 multiplexed keypad encoder device at the core of operation. Each function button is assigned a unique frequency derived from a 4.433619MHz crystal oscillator integral to the encoder IC. The frequencies produced are as follows:

STANDBY 33.96kHz
RESET   35.00kHz
MUTE    34.30kHz
BRI +   34.65kHz
BRI –   35.34kHz

COL +   36.04kHz
COL –   36.73kHz

VOL +   37.42kHz
VOL –   38.11kHz

(Row 1)                       (Row 2)
BBC1    44.00kHz         BBC1    42.96kHz
ITV     43.66kHz             ITV     42.62kHz
BBC2    43.31kHz          VCR     42.27kHz