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The Philips G6 chassis represented the first production colour TV design from the company for the UK market.  Models based on the design were in production between 1967 and 1971 (I understand 1970 to 1971 was the G6/G8 change over years).  The initial sets were dual standard 405/625 line models and later models were made in single standard (625 line) form.

The first G6 colour set to appear was the G25K500.

The Philips G25K500 Dual Standard

Other models appeared shortly afterwards including the G25K501 and the G25K502 – below.

Philips G25K501 Dual Standard

Philips G25K502 Dual Standard

Philips G25K511 Single Standard

Philips G25K512 Single Standard

The G6 models not only differed in cabinet design.  By 1968 alone Philips had issued over 100 modifications.  A comment in a Television magazine article on these sets summed it up well: [sic] “When you go to service one of these sets take the original service manual and the final SS version issued. The set you see in front of you will be a combination somewhere between the two!”

Many thanks go to Stewart for providing images and information for this section.