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To date I have been made aware (Thanks Maarten/Rich/Luiz/Hamid) of the following Philips Monochrome Series/Chassis:

210   UK  –  The 200 series was a dual standard (405/625) hybrid with screen sizes up to 20″ (TBC). The Philips 210 chassis was Philips final dual standard mono chassis.  It was replaced by the 300 – a single standardised version of the 210. These sets were styled to match the very similar looking G6 colour TV models.

300   UK  –  The 300 series was a single standard (625) hybrid with screen sizes up to 24″.  The chassis was hybrid.

320   UK  –  “The 320 series was a range of large-screen single standard 625 UHF monochrome televisions introduced in the early 1970s. Earlier models were mostly simplified versions of dual-standard receivers (see 210 above) but Philips completely redesigned this range with an all solid-state chassis, thyristor power supply with over-voltage and a new range of contemporary slimline cabinets.”  The chassis was all solid state – TBC.

KL-1  South American

Style 70   UK  –  The Style70 was dual standard (405/625) and includes models: 19TG170A, 19TG173A, 23TG170A, 23TG173A

TX    Continental

T4    Continental

T8    Continental

Further information will be added as it is discovered/made available.  If you can help with info please email me (see contacts section above).


I extracted this data from the Model Directory section:


Derrick has provided some further information on Philips B/W set Models.

“Hi Robert
When I left school and started in the TV trade.  The firm I worked for had the Phillips dealership.  I will try to list some model numbers if I can remember them.

1446 1746 and i think that there may have been 1246, these sets had a very square shape wooden cabinet at first theses sets where band 1 only but early in 1955 a new knob appeared on the front center and even latter versions had a band 1/3 tuner fitted but at first with only 2 coils in our case ch4 and ch8.  The vol, bri, and contrast controls being on the side of the cabinet along with the vert hold and horz hold. The CRT was a Mullard MW type.  A very good set.

Next came 80 series i.e. 1780 this had a 13 ch tuner again using the sides of the cabinet for control and the tuner the 1782 version had the addition of fm radio . One good servicing aid on these sets was the plug in line output transformer removing 8 screws and one octal plug LOPT be removed from the set this had to be done to replace the EHT rectifier valve (EY86). This still used the Mullard MW type CRT.

Next came the 17TG100 series big change as this set used the AW CRT.

Hope this information will help and that I have got mods correct.