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The G6 sets featured a 6 button integrated tuner that worked on both VHF and UHF.

Glyn (Welsh Anorak) has kindly provided some photographs of the unit.

Can anyone provide a technical description?  Were they made by Philips themselves or ‘bought in’?

The block diagram is provided here in the G6 Electronics section of the site.  It just says tuner assembly though!

I have been advised that this tuner may also have been used in the Philips 210 B/W sets.

Maarten has advised “Continental sets from that period used very similar tuners. The button assembly looks different though.

The tuners were definitely designed and manufactured by Philips. Actually, the small sticker with the BA01 revision code on it, also has the 12NC 3122 128 64519 on it (did I read that correctly?). The 3rd and 4th digit (22) indicating the country where it was designed: The Netherlands (13 being for the UK).”