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The Philips G6 chassis employed 21 thermionic valves.  The following list details their functions and a specification sheet.

My sincere thanks go to Frank Philipse in the Netherlands for help with this data:

Luminance Amplifier PFL200

Line Sync Amplifier EF80

Sync Separator PFL200

Colour Difference Amplifier PCF200

A.F. Amplifier PCL86

A.F. Output PCL86

Flyback Suppression Amplifier PCC85

Colour Killer PCC85

Auto White PCC85

Burst Amplifier EF184

Clamp PCF200

1st Chroma Amplifier EF183

2nd Chroma Amplifier EF184

Reactance Control Amplifier PCF802

Reference Oscillator PCF802

Field Oscillator ECC81

Field Buffer PCC85

Field Output PL508

Line Oscillator PCF802

Line Output PL509

E.H.T. Rectifier GY501

Boost H.T. Diode PY500

Focus H.T. Diode EY51

Shunt Stabiliser PD500

C.R.T. Protection PCC85

C.R.T. A56-120X (G22K511)